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My Work Progress Over The Years!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 2, 2010, 12:48 PM


My work progress over the Years! and Journal skin Commissions are open!!!!

I thought to show you guys how much I have improved over the years! but I'm going to show it using my 3D character models!

- October 2007 -
- May 2008 -
- December 2008 -
- April 2009-
- November 2009 -
- March 2010 -
- September 2010 (Now!) -

I think I have improved lodes since 2007, tell me what you think!!!

thanks =D

Now for my Journal/gallery skin commissions!
Yes I'm doing Journal/gallery Skin Commissions! I have done lodes of journal skins for people and clubs! for example The3DArtistClub ModelSheetCentral and you can download my free journal skins from here -… but if you want something more personalized you can, for you or your club/group page! I will do this for dA points(only) the amount of points will depend on what you want.

you can have an existing journal skin (from my gallery -…) customized for you, e.g. your username put on it, and/or the colour and lay out changed! this will only be :points:1200 dA points! Or if you want a Journal and gallery skin done from scratch for you or your club, this will be around :points:3000 dA points depending on what you want!

so if you want a personalized journal skin please note me and we can go over what you want and see what i can do for you!
Note: First note me before giving me any points as I may not be able to do what you want me to do cause of limitations, also before I will start any commissions work, I will require half the points up front!

I hope you enjoy my css, if you have any questions please ask!

My News

ok I have been very busy ya know running 2 clubs and University and a job, but I'm trying to get into my own 3D work again you may see some of my new works I hope you like them, I will try and post some more polls and journals and keep you guys updated!

Thanks for reading!!!

Game News

I have been working on a game as I work for a small games company called We Are Colin - - The game is called WordSearch Rush it's on the iphone, The game has been made in 3D, and it has just came out!!!

you can by the game from the apple app store for only 59p ($0.99 USD) or you can get it from here -…

I have posted up some artwork of the game and a game wallpaper!

WordSearchRush Game Artwork by WillowXD WordSearchRuch Wallpaper by WillowXD

Game Discription:
Word Search Rush, Feel the rush by getting WordSearch Rush on the app store now! Tired of traditional wordsearches? Why not spice it up a bit with a rush. Traditional word searches give you the words to look for within a grid. This isn't a traditional wordsearch game. To feel the rush you must find 7 words within a time limit associated with a chosen topic; but you aren't given the words.
Read more here -…

Try and beat my top score of 2100 on the topic colours!!!

Thanks for reading

New Artworks!

:thumb177139057: Garden Planet by WillowXD :thumb180378083:


:thumb176528696: beginners 3D Tutorial - Part 1 by WillowXD beginners 3D Tutorial - Part 2 by WillowXD beginners 3D Tutorial - Part 3 by WillowXD beginners 3D Tutorial - Part 4 by WillowXD beginners 3D Tutorial - Part 5 by WillowXD beginners 3D Tutorial - Part 6 by WillowXD

you can find more of my tutorials here -…

Club News


The3DArtistClub is a club for all 3D artist, we accept all 3D programs and all skill levels. We are a club for 3D Artists, to promote 3D Artists!!!

Visit the Club's Chatroom #The3DArtistChat


3D-Step-by-Step-Help is here to help people with 3D from beginners to experts.

Css done by me, if you want any help with your css just note me!!!

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  • Watching: My Art grow
  • Playing: My own game
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: friut juice
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keyan3d Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010
your welcome! :D
keyan3d Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010
gj from the beginning imo
WillowXD Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
thanks =D
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